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Daphni is set to steer a new FABRICLIVE mix composed of entirely new material.

The producer agreed to helm the latest instalment of the much-loved mix series, fresh from a headline performance at London's enormous Printworks venue.

“I’ve been to fabric maybe ten or fifteen times over the years and the majority of those have been to see Ricardo Villalobos play”, he said recently. “I’m always drawn to the eccentrics in each field of music and I love that a club like fabric, that is such a mainstay of London’s clubbing landscape, is also the de facto London home of dance music’s foremost eccentric.”

“I’ve got a friend who is a long-time member of fabric and whenever Villalobos plays he gets in touch to see if I want to go. We usually meet out front at about 6am (having had a full, if truncated, night’s sleep rather than having been out the night before) and then spend the next few hours inside.”

Somewhat unusually, Daphni's FABRICLIVE mix is set to arrive bursting at the seams with new material - in fact, it's an all original mix.

“I embarked on it thinking that I could have a mix with lots of exclusive new stuff that would make it unique/justify its existence but as I worked on it I became more and more intent upon making it all my own tracks,” he explains. “A lot of these tracks were recorded in situ in the mix itself - I'd put one track in place and instead of searching through existing music to find the track to follow it I'd just make an entirely new one.”

“You’d expect a DJ mix where someone made each track to follow the previous one to be very homogenous. To seem like it was planned out and build in a controlled way. I think the result is almost exactly the opposite! The tracks on here pull from very diverse ends of the spectrum of music that I like/make.”

“In the end, I just sort of charged ahead following my nose as to where the mix should head next. I hope that some of that sense of intuition translates to those listening to the finished mix”.

New cut 'Face To Face' is online now - check it out below.

'FABRICLIVE 93: Daphni' will be released on July 21st - order HERE.

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