With emotional blog posting

Embrace singer Danny McNamara has opened up about the severe mental illness which plagued his life.

Despite years of campaigns mental illness remains a topic shunned to the sidelines. Few speak openly about their difficulties, a situation which often exacerbates the sufferer's condition rather than relieving their stress.

So Danny McNamara's decision to discuss his problems openly should be applauded. Embrace are working on a new studio album, and seemingly a work-in-progress new track has triggered some painful memories.

Penning a new blog entry, Danny McNamara reveals that he suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder for over three years. In an extremely emotional posting the frontman wrote:

"I won’t go into too much gory detail here but all I will say is that for the best part of three years I was in a living hell. It felt like the rest of the world was at the other side of translucent bullet proof ice. I couldn’t even cope with basic functions. I was having up to fifteen panic attacks a day. I wasn’t sleeping. I wasn’t eating. I went down to about ten stone, which isn’t very much when you are 6ft 2” tall. I almost died. I’d spend all day fighting my thoughts, and all night running from imaginary demons and voices."

Eventually recovering from the illness, Danny McNamara attributes his recovery to the support of his family. "I’m really lucky I got help. My mum literally carried me to the doctos in the end, and I’m better now. Not just well, but better. Better than I ever was before."

The full post is well worth reading, find it HERE.

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