Daniel Johnston iPhone App

Texan outsider releases new game

Texan outsider artist Daniel Johnston is to be the subject of a new application made for the iPhone.

Daniel Johnston is one of the more bizarre cult artists in the United States. Recording albums onto his personal stereo the singer passed out tapes to strangers during shifts at his local McDonalds.

Graduating to using recording studios his frail and tender voice filters through songs that present an idiosyncratic world view. Daniel Johnston’s ongoing battle with schizophrenia and bi-polar syndrome means that his behaviour, however, can be a little erratic.

As documented in ‘The Devil And Daniel Johnston’ the singer has spent some time in mental institutions and hospitals due to breakdowns. Now cared for by parents, the singer’s music and art feature in a new iPhone application.

Titled ‘Hi, How Are You?’ the new game is a 3D platform puzzle. Featuring material from throughout his career, in the forthcoming game users can play as Johnson created characters in a bizarre world.

Speaking to New York Times, Daniel Johnston said: “If they make it into a real video game, it might work out, I guess. I don’t even know what an iPhone is.”

Daniel Johnston’s art is also set to feature in another game this year. The controversial Kurt Cobain character in ‘Guitar Hero 5’ wears the iconic ‘Hi, How Are You?’ t-shirt crafted by the Texan singer.

ClashMusic recently spoke to Daniel Johnston about his forthcoming album ‘Is And Always Was’. Enthusiastic about his forthcoming visit to the UK, the new record is his first long player in six years.

Daniel Johnston is due to release ‘Is And Always Was’ on November 2nd in the UK.

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