Laura Hyde leaves band

Hot-to-trot Scottish beat combo Dananananaykroyd - whose debut album 'Hey Everyone!' (REVIEW) is still bothering ears in the Clash office - have parted company with bassist Laura Hyde (pictured, surprised at capacity of own lungs, presumably).

The news of Hyde's leaving the group was posted on the band's blog by member John Baillie Jnr earlier this evening (June 15, 2009). Insert sad face here: ____

That said, we don't know what Laura was getting up to, to lead to this development. Perhaps she stole all the fruit pastilles off the rider, or left a small rodent in a bandmate's shoe? Or, maybe, perhaps she just wants to spend more time with husband Barry, frontman with The Futureheads. Here is not the place for conjecture! Here is the place for fact!

So, says the post on the group's blog:

Hey Everyone,

It is our sad duty to inform you that Laura is no longer playing bass in Dananananaykroyd.
The only way the band can continue is if every member is on the same page musically and that each member's efforts and passions are towards making us the most rocko band possible.

We'd like to add that we love Laura and wish her all the best and we will miss hanging out with her all the time.

In the meantime, our friend Ryan McGinness will be joining us on bass for our tours this year, so be sure to come over and say "hiya, pal" to him at shows.

DANANAN x x x x x

Awww, but band not splitting, like, proper = insert happy face here: ____

Dana' are on MySp*ce HERE if you're dumb-slow and ain't heard the best live band in Britain yet.


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