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Dan Croll Announces New Album ‘Fools’

Lead single 'Slip Away' is out now...

Dan Croll has shared details of his new album ‘Fools’.

The English born songwriter crossed the Atlantic, emigrating to the United States some five years ago. His 2020 LP ‘Grand Plan’ documented this, and explored the travails, the self-doubt that come along with it.

But then came the pandemic, and then came lockdown… and a dose of introspection. New album ‘Fools’ finds Dan Croll meditating on the shifts in his life, recorded at Montrose Recording in Richmond, VA.

Co-produced by Dan Croll himself – alongside the returning Matthew E. White – the material was prompted by a “turbulent” period in the songwriter’s life, citing “the isolation of covid, a break-up, and the homesickness for all that I left behind to move to America.”

He adds: “But whilst these were all challenging moments there were some moments of beauty and resilience that allowed me to get through it all. These songs document that tumultuous period that not only I but I’m sure a lot of others went through in what can only be described as a challenging moment in time. “

“I decided to go back once more to Richmond, Virginia, to work with Matthew E. White and the incredible musicians there. Each time I’ve been back I feel we grow and understand each other more and more, and there was a particular ease in capturing these songs that I hope comes through in the record.”

New song ‘Slip Away’ introduces you to this project, and it was prompted by his five-year anniversary of moving to LA. The song itself “is about the fatigue and struggle I’ve felt over the past year. It’s frequently had me questioning how realistic it is to carry on living here, and whether draining my savings, living without healthcare, and being so far away from home/family is really worth it.”

“I found myself on occasions fantasising about throwing in the towel and slipping away into a much simpler life, a life possibly even outside of the music industry. Having been in music my entire adult life, a part of me has wondered whether I could ever exist outside of it. A 9-to-5 job has always been something I’ve seen from the outside looking in, and to me, the structure and steadiness have always been so attractive. ‘Slip Away’ is about the lure of escaping to a simpler existence.”

Tune in now.

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