Damon Albarn Unveils DRC Music Album

African project due in November

Damon Albarn has confirmed that the studio album from his DRC Music Project will be released in November.

Damon Albarn has long had a love affair with Africa. Previously travelling to Mali to work with local musicians, the Blur songwriter recently decided to venture back to the continent for a new endeavour.

DRC Music involved the creation of a new collective of musicians, who travelled to the Democratic Republic of Congo. Staying in the country for just over a week, the musicians worked extensively within the local musical tradition.

Keeping a blog, the various members of the collective were able to express their thoughts about African culture and the experiences they were having.

Here’s an excerpt…

– – –

“Producers TEED, Richard Russell, Dan the Automator and Damon Albarn get involved amongst the tidal wave of jamming Congolese musicians that we were hit with for days. My art directing co-pilot Aitor Throup sketches the scene on his ipad whilst Damon uses his as an instrument to join the jam – reflecting the dichotomy between the latest technology and home made drum kits. The interaction of these Western producers and African musicians echoed as a constant reminder of the West’s hunger for the Congo’s minerals ,which they were using in their mobile phones and computers to make the music with”- Hardy Blechman. Actions speak louder than words, every time.

– – –

Amongst the musicians involved in DRC Music Project were Kwes, producer Dan The Automator, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, Actress, Jo Gunton, XL Recordings boss Richard Russell and more.

Put together by Oxfam, the charity is set to benefit from sales of the resulting studio album. Containing material written in Africa, the new album features a host of guests and one off collaborations.

Titled ‘Kinshasa One Two’ the album will be released on November 7th, containing fourteen tracks. Members of Okwess International, Bokatola System and more appears on the record which was constructed in a matter of days.

DRC Music Project are set to release ‘Kinshasa One Two’ on November 7th.

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