Damon Albarn Says blur’s Coachella Set “Probably Our Last Gig”

Are they set to go on hiatus once more...?

Damon Albarn told the crowd at Coachella that blur’s festival set might be “our last gig”.

blur returned last year, sharing their triumphant album ‘The Ballad Of Darren’ to exceptionally positive reviews. In our take, CLASH writer Gareth James wrote:

Tense, manic strings chop away at the languid celebration, presaging a gathering storm of noise that reaches its peak only to be plunged abruptly into silence. No neat resolutions here, folks. Onwards.

Since then, blur have toured non-stop, including two fantastic nights at London’s Wembley Stadium. Crossing the Atlantic, the band agreed to perform headline slots at dual-weekend desert festival Coachella in California.

While the opening weekend may not have been a knock-out success, blur returned to Coachella last night on triumphant form. The performance drew on the full force of their catalogue, but frontman Damon Albarn continued his hints that the band were due to disappear.

Introducing ‘Tender’ – the final song of the evening – he told the crowd: “In the spirit of clarity, and truth, this is probably our last gig…”

So, is this the end of blur? The band’s individual commitments are certainly going through a busy patch. Drummer Dave Rowntree intends to stand for parliament; Alex James has a farm to run; Graham Coxon is an experienced solo artist and soundtrack connoisseur; while Damon Albarn has a myriad of projects, not least the all-conquering Gorillaz.

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