At Manchester International Festival

Damon Albarn is set to premiere his new opera 'Doctor Dee' at the Manchester International Festival.

Rumours that Damon Albarn is working on a new project have surrounded the songwriter for some time. Alan Moore was listed as a collaborator, before the comic book legend decided to drop out of the project.

It seems that Damon Albarn opted to go it alone, with his new opera 'Doctor Dee' due to premiere later this year. Launched as part of the Manchester International Festival, the stage show will open in June.

Albarn previously launched 'Monkey: Journey To The West' four years ago, with the project earning critical acclaim. A visually stunning production, the opera was conceived in co-operation with Jamie Hewlett.

Now it seems that Damon Albarn is to go it alone on his second opera. 'Doctor Dee' will launch later this Spring, with the opera reportedly focussed on John Dee, the medical and scientific advisor to Queen Elizabeth I.

The BBC reports that the opera will mix history with intrigue, due to John Dee's reputation as an "alchemist, astrologer, and spy". The project seems to retain the influence of Alan Moore, and you can but wonder what he would have brought to the full production.

Damon Albarn remained behind the scenes for the production of 'Monkey' but for his new opera the singer will take centre stage. Due to perform in 'Doctor Dee' the singer also took charge of writing duties.

Set to premiere at the Manchester International Festival in July, 'Doctor Dee' will then move to London. Part of the city's Cultural Olympiad 'Doctor Dee' will be staged at the English National Opera.

Full cast details have yet to be confirmed.

Of course, 'Doctor Dee' is not the only production worth catching at the Manchester International Festival. Bjork is due to bring her 'Biophilia' project to the city, for more information click HERE.

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