Dagny Prepares New Trilogy Of Mini-Albums

And it begins this summer...

Norwegian pop trailblazer Dagny will release new mini-album ‘ELLE’ on June 7th.

The pop star operates on her own terms, opting to release music only when the moment is right. This summer fans are in for a bumper treat – Dagny is lining up a trilogy of releases.

Yep, three mini-albums are incoming, and the new music triptych begins on June 7th, with the release of ‘ELLE’.

Out now, new single ‘Strawberry Dream’ was built alongside production pair Cato Sundberg and Kent Sundberg, who previously worked on Dagny’s ‘Strangers / Lovers’.

Shot through with narrative intent, there’s a cinematic gleam to Dagny’s world building, while her vocals have rarely shone with more intent. A real fan-pleaser, ‘Strawberry Dream’ is dominated by colour and pure feeling.

She says…

If we were in a romantic comedy movie, then ‘Strawberry Dream’ would soundtrack the scene where the main character realises “their person” has been there, right under their nose, the entire time and now’s the time for action.

A bit like my personal favourite romcom character; Bridget Jones, and her Mark. They say something like 70 percent of people have met the love of their life before aged 21. Mindblowing facts to me, but who knows? The title is undoubtedly inspired by one of my favourite pick and mix candy bites, the Strawberry Dream.

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Torgeir Rørvik

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