'Amnesty (I)' will be released on August 19th...
Crystal Castles

Crystal Castles will release new album 'Amnesty (I)' on August 19th.

The project is set to continue without Alice Glass, with Ethan Kath joined by new vocalist Edith Frances.

With a new album incoming the project has shared another preview, with 'Char' hitting the net.

Tune in now.

'Amnesty (I)' will be released on August 19th. Pre-order: Vinyl // iTunes

1. Femen
2. Fleece
3. Char
4. Enth
5. Sadist
6. Teach Her How To Hunt
7. Chloroform
8. Frail
9. Concrete
10. Ornament
11. Kept
12. Their Kindness Is Charade

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