Wuth Hudson Mohawke and more...

Italian electro-house duo Crookers are set to release their new album ‘Dr Gonzo’ on November 7th.

Crookers are a phenomenon. The Italian duo emerged from the underground, mixing blistering electro noises with a pop touch. Pushed into the upper echelons of the music world, the pair found themselves hob-nobbing with bona fide chart-busters without losing sight of where they had come from.

With their debut album establishing a reputation, Crookers have decided that the follow up will break it. ‘Dr Gonzo’ is set to be released on November 7th, with the Italian duo being joined by a varied cast.

Scottish producer Hudson Mohawke hops on board, having included Crookers cuts in his set for some time. Working with the Italian pairing, the beatsmith is joined by the likes of French producer Bobmo, Lazy Ants and more.

Bristling with energy, ‘Dr Gonzo’ is vastly eclectic with Crookers clearly picking up some ideas on their travels. Lead cut ‘Hummus’ may be named after the dip found at polite parties, but the track itself is a schizoid banger – like a distorted cousin of the Robyn S classic ‘Show Me Love’.

As per their debut, Southern Fried are taking control of Crookers’ second album. In the States, meanwhile, Florida basshead Diplo has won the bidding war with ‘Dr Gonzo’ set to come out on his own Mad Decent label.

Fancy a free DJ Mix? G'wan treat yourself. Crookers stepped behind the decks for us last year, find out how it went down HERE.

Crookers are set to release ‘Dr Gonzo’ on November 7th.

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