Crazy P’s Jim Baron Returns With Unexpected Solo Project

It's a moment of solitude...

Songwriter Jim Baron will release new solo album ‘Love Makes Magic’ under his JIM moniker later this year.

Recognise the name? Well, Jim Baron helped drive Crazy P from underground status to chart heights, becoming primary movers in UK house music. With three decades of making music under his belt, lockdown saw a change in tack, and a period of introspective experimentation.

Using new alias JIM, his album ‘Love Makes Magic’ lands on May 26th, and it shows an unexpected, altogether more personal side of this dance music maverick.

He comments…

The album was written over a really concentrated period during the first lockdown. Everything felt heightened and I had a great opportunity to get lost in the studio. The solitude definitely shaped the albums’ introspective themes.

At a time when human relationships were strained in every sense it seemed natural to focus on those frailties and talk about those feelings. It’s easier to look inside without the everyday noise so the stories included are candid and the music is honest. I tried to turn off any stylistic censorship as capturing the feeling was the priority.

Ahead of the album he’s shared drifting new song ‘Still River Flow’ which embodies the gentle introspection that fuels the project as a whole. Deft and melodic, aspects of his past shine through, alongside new ideas.

Commenting on the track JIM says: “’Still River Flow’ is something of an anomaly for the album, not least because it’s rooted in unabashed positivity. I wanted to create something with a care-free, feel-good spirit. The music and lyrics came together in one big uplifting rush which I tried to embrace and nurture. It’s a simple call to hazy memories, youthful exuberance and a return to the feeling of home.”

Tune in now.

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