Coyle Girelli
It's an old school warbler from The Chevin frontman...

Coyle Girelli has always had a fondness for the old school.

As singer with The Chevin he always showed a little bit of class, a touch of style, glamour, and camaraderie.

Meeting up with music legend Mac Davis served to accelerate this, with Mac having worked on Elvis Presley's late 60s stunners such as 'In The Ghetto'.

Something clicked between the two of them, allowing Coyle to view music in a new way. He comments: “Everything seemed to make more sense to me and I let my voice lead the way.”

With a full album dropping this summer Clash is able to preview the project, sharing a languid, melodramatic warbler.

'Where's My Girl?' is reminiscent of Chet Atkins or Roy Orbison, something vintage but with a decidedly modern twist.

Languid, atmospheric songwriting, it conjures images of a freshly cleanred Chevy pulling up to the curb outside a 1950s high school.

Tune in below.

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