Courtney Love Talks Nirvana Fraud

Exclusive: Hole star speaks to ClashMusic

American grunge star Courtney Love has spoken exclusively to ClashMusic about the fraud she believes she has suffered.

When Kurt Cobain committed suicide in 1994 he didn’t just leave behind his fans, but a wife and young child. Left to raise her daughter on her own, Courtney Love took control of the singer’s publishing rights.

However last year Courtney Love revealed that she was almost bankrupt. The bank account containing monies owed to her from the publishing rights had allegedly been pilfered, leaving her with nothing.

Since then controversy has raged over the veracity of the claims, with Courtney Love revealing her story to ClashMusic.

Explaining that she had been exploited, Courtney Love blamed her situation purely on being “a widow and because I’m a woman”.

Continuing, the singer revealed that she knew exactly who had perpetrated the alleged fraud. “Yeah, it’s like some douchelords” she explained. “Four fucking douchelords who started a bank. You and I could start a bank tomorrow, it’s really easy, I could show you how. I took these twelve anonymous people and just cleared their debt up. If you net under a quarter of a million and you own one property I can make you credit perfect.”

“I’ve learned how to do that. So I might as well help other people because I expected other people to help me. If you and I and Micko decided that we wanted to kill a bald eagle, that would be a felony. And it would be a conspiracy. So it’s really simple. I know their wives, I know their sons, I know their gay sons, I know their unhappy daughters, their miserable wives who fucking buy too many diamonds; I know them. So it’s not like they’re faceless, the douchelords.”

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