Courtney Love Sued

American Express take legal action

Grunge goddess Courtney Love has been sued by credit card company American Express, who claim she owes them more than $350,000.

Courtney Love married Kurt Cobain in 1992, uniting two pivotal talents in the grunge movement. With her band Hole, Courtney Love was a part of the Riot Grrl movement – a wave of explicitly feminist rock groups.

Her ascendance brought to an end a period of ceaseless searching for the singer. Courtney Love had travelled the world as an acolyte of rock and roll, befriending The Clash and appearing in a number of films.

However in recent times Courtney Love has not had her troubles to seek. In court papers filed earlier this year, fashion designer Dawn Simorangkir said Love made several “menacing and disturbing” statements about her on the singer’s Twitter and MySpace pages.

In a court meeting in March the grunge singer’s tirades against the designer were read out, with Simorangkir seeking damages for emotional distress.

In addition to this, Courtney Love is apparently in money problems. The singer claimed recently that she had been swindled out of a small fortune, with Kurt Cobain’s estate at the centre of the problems.

When Courtney Love sold Cobain’s back catalogue in 2005, firm London & Co. allege that she did so without paying them their due share. London & Co. is seeking $975,000, which would have been its share of the sale.

Now it seems that credit card company American Express are to add to her woes. The firm suspended Love’s Amex Gold card after she “failed and refused” to make payments.

Love has not commented on the case, with American Express is seeking $352,059.67 for the unpaid balance, as well as damages and lawyer’s fees.

The singer can’t take solace in her music. Courtney Love last released an album in 2005, and was due to release her third solo album earlier this year. A series of MySpace updates led fans to believe that material would be released on January 1st, yet when the new year dawned no new material emerged.

Currently, it is not known when Courtney Love will release her new album. Fans have heard snippets of new material, with one song – ‘Never Go Hungry Again’ – available in its entirety on the internet.

Courtney Love will appear in court later this year.

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