Singer Taken To Court Over Nirvana Rights

The widow of Nirvana songwriter Kurt Cobain has been sued for $1 million by a business and management firm for allegedly breaking a verbal contract she had with them.

The dispute has arisen after Los Angeles based firm London & Co. alleged that Love had broken a verbal agreement to share 5% of earnings made by her, or those from her company - the End Of Music.

According to the five page lawsuit filed in Los Angeles Superior Court that company was created to manage Kurt Cobain's intellectual property. Love sold a portion of Nirvana's publishing rights for £19.5 million, a sale that London & Co. claim they are due $975,000 from.

Love became the copyright holder after Cobain's suicide in 1994, and has managed the Nirvana publishing rights since that time. The singer sold a portion of those publishing rights in 2006, although it is unclear whether this is the sale that London & Co. are referring to.

Both London & Co. and Coutney Love have declined to comment on the issue.


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