Court case comes to an end

Grunge queen Courtney Love has settled a legal dispute with London & Co. over the rights to Nirvana material.

Courtney Love has endured several court cases recently. However by far the most serious to her financial well being has been the suit raised by London & Co., who claimed part ownership of the Nirvana back catalogue.

In interviews, the singer has claimed that the catalogue has been more a hindrance than a blessing. A sale in 2008 saw Courtney Love raise more than $20 million, but it seems that this deal has been disputed.

London & Co. claimed that they owned part of the catalogue, and did not agree to the sale. Furthermore, the company argued that they were entitled to a share of the money raised in the transaction.

Taking the Hole icon to court, the two sides have decided to settle. No further details of the settlement have been made, with the deal being brokered by representatives in a Los Angeles court room.

According to Associated Press, the two sides have agreed to draw up a truce after extensive negotiations. Love's lawyer James Janowitz confirmed that a settlement had been reached, but refused to be drawn on the details.

Courtney Love's finances have been the subject of much controversy and speculation. Last year the singer lost custody of her daughter, and was rumoured to be close to bankruptcy after suffering severe money problems.

However earlier this year a revitalised Hole returned to the UK to promote their new album 'Nobody's Daughter'. A typically open and frank release, it saw Courtney Love addressing some of the issues in her life.

Meanwhile, Courtney Love is continuing her internet rampage. Recent Twitter updates saw her attack Smashing Pumpkins singer Billy Corgan before launching a new fashion blog detailing her sartorial insights.

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