Courtney Love Praises Yoko Ono

Exclusive: Hole star speaks to ClashMusic

Hole singer Courtney Love has revealed her admiration of Yoko Ono exclusively to ClashMusic.

Courtney Love may have caused more than her fair share of headlines, but the singer remains a musician at heart. With her group Hole due to release their new album ‘Nobody’s Daughter’ later this year, the icon has spoken about a few of her own heroes.

Last year Yoko Ono was interviewed by the BBC and named Hole’s ‘Celebrity Skin’ as one of her favourite songs. Asked to describe the alt rock hit the Japanese artist said: “It’s a brilliant, brilliant song by Courtney Love. The song represents all mothers of the world today: desperate, angry, totally sad, and also extremely intelligent. She’s an incredibly complex woman and she has incredible vulnerability as well.”

Now Courtney Love has returned the praise. “I can tell you this: I’d just had Frances and Kurt came into the hospital with a Yoko Ono boxset and I threw it at his head” she recalled.

“I was so offended by it, because of what it meant. He thought that was cool, I did not at the time. He loved Yoko Ono and he loved her work. Then I got round to listening to it and I thought she was quite brilliant. Bizarre but brilliant. She sticks with her own thing.”

“Why was I offended? Because she got so much shit – I wrote in the song: “You don’t fuck with the fabulous four, or you spend the rest of your life picking things up off the floor”.

To read the entire interview with Courtney Love click HERE.

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