...and prepares her memoirs
Courtney Love

Courtney Love has revealed that she penned Savages "a gushy girl fan letter" after hearing their album.

An ever controversial figure, it's easy to forget that Courtney Love's group Hole were initially viewed as fellow travellers of the Riot Grrrl movement. Of course, since then the singer has been through a number of different phases, but her eagerness to support female musicians remains unchecked.

Chatting to Vanity Fair recently (via NME), the American artist revealed that she has become enraptured with Brighton based group Savages. "I was listening to this incredible new band - it's mostly girls, out of England - called the Savages. They are amazing," Love explained.

"There is a song called 'Shut Up'. It's kind of very Siouxsie Sioux" she continued. "The beginning is all spoken word and it's brilliant, about disciplining yourself and not being distracted. And they're gorgeous! Shaved heads." 

Finishing, Courtney Love included a barbed dig at Katy Perry. "Anyway, I would love to tour with them I just wrote them a gushy girl fan letter because I had been listening to their stuff all day and I get so excited whenever I see a new female artist that's good and doesn’t have fireworks coming out of her tits."

Elsewhere in the interview, Courtney Love revealed that she is working on her memoirs, which will be called 'Girl With The Most Cake'. "You know, it ain't going to be (Patti Smith's) 'Just Kids'. When I get older and greyer and really can sit down and reflect and maybe have a little spring cottage on the Thames in Oxfordshire, I can get out an old typewriter and start bashing away. That's not what this is".

"This is more like the book I aspire to, which I have on my bed stand, which is Russell Brand's My Booky Wook - which is the lamest name ever."

Hmm.. here's the video for Savages' 'Shut Up'.

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