Tour-only document re-issued on Melodic...
Cool Ghouls

Touring is what counts, of course.

When Cool Ghouls hit the road they want to turn $100 per night into $150 per night, if only to cover the gas.

So when they fill up their tour van they make sure there is room for some cassettes, some merch table accouterments for fans to fill their pockets.

Releasing an eight track cassette last year, the tour-only document - titled 'Gord's Horse' - is set to be given a European release by Melodic.

It's a brilliant work, fusing their lo-fi power pop scenes with some experimental flourishes, including "acoustic guitar, mellotron, a drum loop, and other shit..."

We're able to premiere 'Only Grey' before this European release, and it's a beguiling work, all chop/change guitars, pounding rhythms, and bittersweet vocals.

Tune in now.

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