Conan Gray’s ‘Killing Me’ Is A Plea From The Heart

His latest statement...

Conan Gray plucks at the heartstrings on ‘Killing Me’.

Clash met the pop talent back in 2019, going deep for a digital cover story. At the time, he was adjusting to fame, and the attention the internet was lavishing on him.

“I still find myself, these days, very much not able to understand what’s going on with my life and all the love that I’m getting,” he said. “So I’m still recording everything, and writing everything, and trying to keep this feeling in a way that I’ll be able to understand and look back on later.”

Since then, he’s bloomed. 2022 album ‘Superache’ took him to new heights, while recent single ‘Winner’ was taken to heart by his army of fans.

‘Killing Me’ flips the script once more, a plea from the heart for the object of his affection to stop hurting him. Produced by Max Martin, it opens in a minimalist framework before suddenly clicking into gear as a deft synth workout.

Coming from a very real place, ‘Killing Me’ is driven by a sense of purpose. He comments…

I wrote ‘killing me’ while I was sick with the flu. It was a miserable time where I was both physically sick, but also super heartbroken over somebody. Hence, ‘you’re KILLING me.’ I think we all have those people who don’t treat us nearly well enough, but we just can’t seem to let them go. People who call you at 2AM, and who you know you shouldn’t pick up……but you do. ‘Killing Me’ is for when you’re on your last limb begging this person to just please stop torturing your heart.

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Elizaveta Porodina

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