Coldcut x Adrian Sherwood
New album 'Outside The Echo Chamber' due later this year...

In a way, it's surprising this hasn't happened before.

Coldcut and On-U Sound represent two pivotal strands of UK system culture, a means of approach art that keeps things firmly in the dancehall.

Colliding on a new record, 'Outside The Echo Chamber' finds the legendary production duo working alongside Adrian Sherwood on a series of cuts that sluice together two great rivers of sound.

Out later this year via Ahead Of Our Time (Coldcut’s first label), it's a startling document of aural innovation that raises the bar without intimidating the audience.

Clash is able to premiere new cut 'Divide And Rule', a track that finds room for extra-dimensional dub innovator Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry, Junior Reid and Elan.

Titanic fare, it's also been given a re-spin by Caledonian bass crew Mungo's Hi Fi - this is serious business, no messing around.

Check out both tracks below, before finding a short Q&A with Coldcut's Matt Black and Jon More.

- - -

Coldcut, when was the first time you collided with the world of On-U Sound?
Matt Black: New York 1980 - saw Medium Medium and spent ages tracking down their tune 'So Hungry So Angry'. Didn't realise till I met Sherwood years later that he produced it.

Jon More: I bought Creation Rebel, 'Dub From Creation' in 1978 - I was living in High Wycombe, as was Adrian at that time, and the town had a great musical scene with the Nags Head Pub, local blues parties and Shebeens... many a classic gig at the town hall!

Later on I bought New Age Steppers' 'Fade Away' on seven inch - being a fan of The Slits and The Pop Group it was right up my alley. The On-U way was a major influence on me and that has filtered through into our music and into Ninja Tune.

Do you think their sound / approach has made an impact on your own work?
Matt: Huge impact, both from the sound of those records and the mystique/message that linked dub, punk and hip-hop together.

There is an expansive cast on this record - was that intended from the start? Which guest made the biggest impact on you, personally?
Matt: All guests were amazing but working with Skip Macdonald and Doug Wimbish was a high voltage connection to the roots of our musical history. Of course the same should be said of genius Scratch.

Jon: When making a record what you intend and what happens rarely work out. We wanted to work with artists we felt excited about, both new and old. I am super happy to have Junior Reid on this record... harking back to our early days of 'Stop This Crazy Thing'.

There is a political element to dub / bass culture... do you think this record in some way reflected the chaotic political circumstances of the past 18 months? If so, how?
Matt: Coldcut's music has always been political, and chaos is part of existence. Having said that, the last 18 months have been particularly lurid and scary. As Lennon observed, artists don't create but channel what a lot of people are already thinking.

'Divide and rule is the way they keep oppressing' is hardly a new observation but as long as the 1% psycho power-mongers continue to play monopoly with humanity its a necessary job to try and brew up some artistic resistance.

Jon: Politics is the air that you breath... and yes, shit just got a whole heap more crazy! Artists reflect and that echo is present in the album.

- - -

'Outside The Echo Chamber' will be released on May 19th - purchase LINK.

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