As the big day approaches...

It’s mid-February, the period where random folk are encouraged to gently stalk people they wouldn’t otherwise have the nerve to even look at.

For those still undecided whether to bite the bullet and send an unsolicited Valentine’s Day card this year, perhaps one with added value might have a more positive impact. Throw in a single too.

The aptly-named Norwegian outfit Cold Mailman are actively pursuing some Valentine-related krona with a pleasingly un-slushy tune called ‘Pull Yourself Together and Fall in Love With Me,’ which they’re sending out in, yes, a Valentine’s Day card. Each card is different, the work of Vienna-based artist Alice Tragedy, and they certainly beat the bog-standard high-street jobs.

“It's quite obvious just reading the title what this song is about: a classic love story told in an extremely straightforward way, bordering on bluntness,” says Cold Mailman’s Ivar Bowitz. “It’s designed to make the listener do just what the title modestly suggests.”

Fingers crossed, then. Also entering the alternative V-Day fray are the splendid Piney Gir Country Roadshow, whose single ‘Lucky Me’ features their cover of Billy Idol’s hardly romantic ‘White Wedding.’ Scottish folkies Findlay Napier and the Bar Room Mountaineers release a song about tragic singletons called, er, ‘Valentine’s Day’, while Sparklehorse-approved rockers Ghostlight offer ‘Morning Lights/Fingerprints’, a double-A about unrequited love.

But are any of these really suitable for a potential squeeze? Definitely try before you buy.

Cold Mailman play the By-Larm festival in Oslo from February 17th. For further details of their card/CD offer click HERE.

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