German Artist Claims

A German artist Natascha Stellmach has claimed that she is in possession of the ashes of Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain, and will smoke them in a spliff as part of an art exhibition.

The ashes were stolen from Courtney Love in May, and in a statement Stellmach claimed she had "acquired" the ashes and is planning to smoke them as part of an exhibition in Berlin.

The smoking of the ashes is set to take place on October 11th, with Stellmach claiming that Cobain will be symbolically "set free" from the media circus.

Oh dear. An idea clearly borrowed from Keith Richards, who made a similar claim concerning his father's ashes, the Cobain exhibition will be joined by Danish artist Marco Evarissti plans to feed death row inmate Gene Hathorn to goldfish as part of the show.

For once we are speechless.

The 'Set Me Free' exhibition takes place at Berlin's Wagner + Partner gallery on October 11th.

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