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In these most modern of times, the sheer quantity of music available to us at the click of a mouse or swipe of a finger can sometimes be a bit overwhelming. For Clash, it’s our prerogative to provide you with an unending stream of great music that we feel best suits, well, you. It is this shared attitude that has lead to us partnering with the music-streaming service Deezer.

Despite still being in it’s relative infancy in terms of potential reach, streaming is becoming a mainstay of the modern music fan; the vast catalogues on offer and the ever-improving methods for helping one discover and share new music have to date already attracted ten million monthly users across 182 countries to Deezer. Just over 4 million of these are subscribers to the service, meaning they spend around a tenner a month and get access to the entire 25 million track catalogue on their laptop, PC, tablet or mobile.

By our calculations it would take you about 168 years to get through all that – which is why Deezer are so adamant to stress their role as a service that goes the extra mile in helping their customers discover music that they will love. Their team of music consultants and editors provide a human touch to this usually algorithim-driven process, adding a dash of personality to one’s experience. Furthermore, they also have a specific remit for unearthing a wide selection of new talent that would suit the tastes of the audience.

Amongst all this, Clash has launched our own application within Deezer (also available through all devices in all Deezer territories), which will feature all our album reviews, a section dedicated to Next Wave artists, the monthly Spotlight feature, additional one-off features taken from the magazine and of course a plethora of playlists curated both by our editorial staff and artists featured in Clash. You’ll also notice that Deezer widgets have been placed on the website and visitors will be able to listen to our most recent lists, sample our radio channel and listen to albums whilst reading our reviews.  

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