Clash Studios - Getting Back To Business

Clash Studios - Getting Back To Business

Important updates now in effect...

It has been one of the most challenging periods in our recent history. As a society at large we all continue to wrestle with seemingly insurmountable hardships on all fronts.

One thing that has remained a constant for us is our aspiration; the true grit, sheer willpower and determination to overcome adversity and improve our circumstances together remains constant.

Our love for music and the arts and our audience, contributors and partners alike remains first in mind. We recognise our responsibility as one of the last bastions of free thinking music journalism to hold true and to constantly evaluate and exercise our beliefs. 

We rely on like minded people, free speech, justice and equality. When those liberties are put in jeopardy we will channel all our energies into protecting them. Collectively we are making efforts at CLASH to act as a catalyst for good.

Our vision for popular culture and society of the future, and our conviction and commitment to help deliver that remains absolute. 

Whether you are a legacy, current or emerging creative or just a patron of the arts - together, we have an unprecedented opportunity through advances both digitally and IRL to both demand and actively effect those changes.

We are essentially care takers of Clash, our families and our community and that duty of care has to remain the primary rationale on our shared moral compass.

As we strive to improve ourselves and our surroundings it is essential we all get back to collaborating in person creating new art as soon as that process can be safely realised.

On that note we have some CLASH updates to share.

- - -


We have welcomed another new addition to the CLASH family tree - (KingCole Thomas.

Cole, Helen and Mike are all safely burrowed up at home. With new life blossoming from all corners in spite of the current social and economic climate we are truly hopeful.

Big thank you to the NHS for all of their work during the most challenging of times. Our collected words, energy. and donations can never be enough, expressing that remains vital.

Whilst some of our plants were until Monday morning looking dry, our cactus flowers after 26 months of doing nothing have blossomed whilst left in isolation.

On the ground floor of Clash Studios, a small vine has grown through the sealed floor in the back wall. Like a scene from The Day Of The Triffid's the vine has somehow taken water from inside the Hoover bag, entangling itself in the process.

Subsequently thriving to make it as far as the clothes rail with it's furtive climbers, it remains in-situ for now.

To quote Jeff Goldblum - "Life finds a way."

-  -  -

CLASH STUDIOS - NOW OPEN FOR BUSINESS 24/7 (Information & Availabilities)

We are incredibly fortunate to have found the means to setup and sustain a physical working environment in Dalston, East London for the last 20 months.

Providing a base for ourselves, our clients and our creative talent pool to operate has been a blessing. Facilitating countless CLASH and external projects as we often lend the space to our contributors - get in touch if you are in need.

Clash Studios re-launches this week for private bookings and CLASH projects. New additions to the space include green screen to enhance our existing film and editing capabilities.

Our Pioneer CDJ2000 Nexus install is available to complement the Spotify Premium enabled BluSound high-fidelity system install with Vero True Social enabled Apple iPad lent to rentals to document their shoot and rinse playlists to your hearts content.

Clash new alcohol licence is in effect for private rentals and social-distancing events with a new Red Bull fridge, Havana Club Rum and other catering and refreshments options in-house available upon request or via the countless partners around us.

Our communal corner sofa's have been replaced by storage & desk space for the time being - shoot space remaining the same. 

We have also adapted our private rental 700 sq ft. hall studio space in-line with UK Government recommendations and some additional personal measures implemented as follows;

-  -   -

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