Clash DJ Mix Series Hits SoundCloud

Featuring exclusives from !!!, Jimmy Edgar and Andrew Weatherall...

The Clash DJ Mix series is now over four years old.

It's been a funny old journey. Begun during the death throes of (the original) MySpace, we've been able to trace a merry path ever since.

In that time we've seen genres come and go, reputations built and shattered whilst supplying exclusive audio for your dance delectation each and every Thursday.

Somehow, we've managed to evade kicking off a SoundCloud account – until now. Yep, Clash has got the bug and we'll be gradually uploading our extensive DJ Mix archive to the service over the coming weeks.

To whet your appetites, we've pulled out three big hitters…

Andrew Weatherall needs no introduction, having stayed ahead of the game for more than two decades. An esteemed DJ, producer and all round cultural scribe, his Clash DJ Mix flits between left field electronics and shoegaze, dub reggae and all out funk.

Clash got in there early with Jimmy Edgar – back in 2010 the Hot Flush aligned producer tailored a mix for our needs, focussing purely on the dancefloor.

!!! don't craft mixes for just anybody, y'know, and their Clash Mix is aimed at the more blissful, down tempo end of our series: "a mellow mix to do mellow things to" indeed…

Check 'em out below, or follow Clash on SoundCloud HERE.

Follow Clash on SoundCloud HERE.

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