Claire Rosinkranz Shares Biting New Single ‘i’m too pretty for this’

There’s a pop-punk edge to the new track…

18 year old SoCal riser Claire Rosinkranz has shared her new single ‘i’m too pretty for this’.

Making her mark with ‘Backyard Boy’, Claire Rosinkranz taps into West Coast mythos while carving out her own individual lane. Flecked with melody, there’s a pop-punk edge to her songwriting, tapping into a Gen Z mindset.

Racking up more than 2.3 billion streams so far, she’s effortlessly built a global fanbase by speaking her truth, and let the results fall where there fall.

Out now, ‘i’m too pretty for this’ has a late 90s feel, putting us in mind of those epic, adolescent-framing singles from Blink-182 and the Offspring. As ever, Claire has her own spin on things – a tale of rage against an unthinking lover, she sings “Why do your promises never stick? / And why are your words always full of shit? / I’m too pretty for this” 

Distilling the essence of the song, she says: “Sometimes you need to say ‘I’m too pretty for this’ and just move on…”

Tap in below.

Photo Credit: Hunter Baker

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