It's a wonderful offering from the Leicester artist...

Cj Pandit works across different disciplines, different ways of producing art.

Both a songwriter and a visual artist, he finds the one informs the other, and helps him to pursue different projects.

New single 'Karelu' is the point where this all comes together. A uniquely absorbing new release, his astutely arranged pop songwriting draws upon some highly personal material.

Out this week, the single will be augmented by a new exhibition and a full 'zine, with Pandits Interactive Art Exhibition running for one week at The Mill, located on Leicester’s Frog Island.

Launching on November 15th, we're focussing on the single, a gloriously fulfilling pop contraption that billows out into unseemly shapes.

He comments: "'Karelu' is centred around appreciating past relationships, friendships and family dynamics with all their flaws, and moving forward and seeing beauty in the toughest of times."

"Celebrating relationships and the marks we make on one another, the items we keep and leave behind, and the stories they encapsulate."

Tune in now.

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