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CIEL Return With Urgent ‘Back To The Feeling’

A song that gives "a brief insight to another way of experiencing life..."

CIEL have shared new single ‘Back To The Feeling’.

The band have enjoyed a stellar year, hitting the 6Music playlist and playing a packed out show at key showcase event the Great Escape.

New EP ‘Not In The Sun, Nor In The Dark’ is out on October 7th, with the band confirming a string of UK shows – catch them at their EP launch party at London’s Shacklewell Arms on October 6th, in fact.

Urgent new single ‘Back To The Feeling’ blends chugging post-punk elements with warped synth pop, a kind of extra-dimensional pop song. A track that has evolved over time, it’s DIY menace is born from the immediacy CIEL apply to their live shows.

The band’s Michelle Hindriks comments…

“‘Back To The Feeling’ started off as quite a spiritual song and was eventually brought back to feeling completely absorbed in the moment, carelessness, staying up late and being young, which is quite down to earth but yet feels like a wholesome, kind of spiritual and hedonistic thing to me now.”

“Whereas this was a thing that would happen to you automatically when you’re younger, nowadays I feel like it can be more of a challenge and I need to work hard to reach a state of mind like that, completely away from my phone and any other distractions. When I wrote the song I felt overwhelmed with an in-the-moment kind of feeling, experiencing deep love for the things and people around me – it gave a brief insight to another way of experiencing life…”

Tune in now.

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