Chrystabell, David Lynch Share New Single ‘Sublime Eternal Love’

A full album is incoming on Sacred Bones Records...

Chrystalbell and David Lynch combine on new single ‘Sublime Eternal Love’.

The new release emerges from this unique creative partnership, and presages a full album which is slated to land via Sacred Bones Records this summer.

Out on August 2nd, ‘Cellophane Memories’ aims to reach the intangible, and embraces a wide-open approach to music-making. In Chrystabell’s words, the album contains “many doors that are left open to wonder, wander and get turned around in.”

An example of world-building, there seems to be a non-corporeal, almost perfume-esque quality to the collaboration. In a note, Chrystabell adds: “It’s like mood music, not that it creates mood, but more that it reflects your own.”

It’s not the first time the pair have worked together – they’ve produced two previous records, and Chrystabell played the role of Agent Tammy Preston in Twin Peaks: The Return.  

New song ‘Sublime Eternal Love’ grapples with the extraordinary, the vocal singing out:

“He fell down crying…calling out he cried…cried for understanding…and the noise turned to music.” 

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: David Lynch

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