Christian Lee Hutson Announces New Album ‘Paradise Pop. 10’

It's out on September 27th...

Christian Lee Hutson will release new album ‘Paradise Pop. 10’ on September 27th.

The material on the recorded was triggered by relocation, with Christian Lee Hutson moving from Los Angeles to New York. Re-contextualising his focus, he found that the shift in geography also created a shift in his own work.

Gradually, the new album came into focus. Named after a real life town he recalls from his rural childhood, ‘Paradise Pop. 10’ was sparked into life through an urge to embrace the present. “You’re alive right now. You’re living your life today,” he comments. 

Sometimes when you live somewhere for a really long time, the place starts to feel like a memory graveyard. Every corner becomes kind of haunted in a way, kind of dragging you out of the present. That’s what LA became like for me.

Spending so much time revisiting all these emotional landmarks ended up giving me the feeling that I was missing my life. Like it was passing me while I was looking the other way…. It felt really connected to the city.I would spend half my life in the car, just completely on autopilot, re-living my life, from the beginning, on repeat every day.

New song ‘After Hours’ is the first taste from the incoming album – tap in below.

1. Tiger
2. Carousel Horses
3. Autopilot
4. Water Ballet
5. Candyland
6. Flamingos
7. Fan Fiction
8. After Hours
9. Forever Immortalized
10. Skeleton Crew
11. Beauty School

Photo Credit: Michael Delaney

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