Cherif Hashizume Returns To The Source To Re-Work His ARK/8 Project

It comes full circle...

Collaboration is a key aspect of the creative experience – opening yourself up to the input of others, and learning from those around you. It’s something ARK/8 hold close, and it’s a key factor in the ongoing evolution of their latest project.

The  dynamic gaming, music, sci-fi and pop culture infused RTW brand have sought to blend electronic production with visual art, design, fashion, and more. ARK/8 hit up sought-after producer Cherif Hashizume, who took inspiration from ARK/8’s own After Dark Collection – a blend of Japanese culture and rave wear – to create something new.

The track is comprised of Ilã’s vocals, while also melting together deep house textures with aspects of the DJ’s own Japanese-Egyptian heritage, integrating the Insen scale, Japanese BIWA and Northwestern ADUNGU.

Since its release, ARK/8 have commissioned specially curated remixes from Amaliah, and HAAi, with the series coming to a close with a full circle moment.

Cherif Hashizume has stepped in to remix his own track, a techno-driven re-working that is dominated by crunchy yet also curiously cinematic electronics. Jon Hopkins is on hand to bring this remix to completion, with Cherif commenting that he wanted “to make the remix work as a DJ tool;
something that works really well in a club, making it much more minimalistic from the original track
to give enough space to each sound so that when it is played in a big sound system, it will have
that punch”.

Out now, you can dive in below.

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