New album not chart eligible

Dance icons The Chemical Brothers have spoken to ClashMusic about completing their record contract, and the possibility of going independent.

Since the mid 90s, The Chemical Brothers have dominated British dance music. The duo have achieved that rare task of satisfying both Hello readers and underground heads, mixing high profile collaborations with stunning production.

Returning with their seventh album 'Further' the band were aiming to continue a run of five number one records. However The Chemical Brothers then decided to embark on an audio-visual project, rendering the material ineligible for the charts.

Available with a free DVD, 'Further' cannot be counted for the official charts. However The Chemical Brothers told ClashMusic that chart figures don't bother them.

"There’s only so many number one albums you can make" dead-panned Ed Simons. Partner Tom Rowlands continued: "We’ve made records that have that duality, where they can be a big club record but have something more for a casual listener."

"A lot of our other albums move around and do lots of different things. This album does one thing to its highest point. And if you like that thing, that’s the record for you."

The producer then jokingly labelled the new album "commercial suicide" before revealing: "We’ve been lucky that from the start we’ve just said, ‘Here’s our record’. It’s never been someone trying to steer us."

Meanwhile Ed Simons discounted any notion of the charts measuring artistic success. "Chart schmart. I get this sense that people are more interested in us doing something a bit different this time" he revealed. "But then there’s still quite a lot of people who’d like us to do the same thing again and again."

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