Che Lingo Launches New Album ‘Coming Up For Air’

It's out on April 6th...

Che Lingo has shared plans for new album ‘Coming Up For Air’.

The South London artist’s excellent 2020 album ‘The Worst Generation’ won huge acclaim, while his song ‘My Block’ became an anthem during the BLM protests in this country.

Taking time to calibrate his next move, new album ‘Coming Up For Air’ finds the rapper forging ahead. Drawing from grime, hip-hop, and more, it dares to be personal, with Che Lingo truly letting his guard down.

Out on April 6th, he comments:

“CUFA is an intimate and personal look at myself and the people like me who find it hard to see themselves sometimes. It’s for the moments you hate your job, or you’re emotionally exhausted, finding it hard to see what makes you valuable. It’s a place to get lost and escape and remember what and who you value within your life and purpose. I’ve had a number of months to sit with myself and unpack a lot of things, some of which I’m still exploring (or battling) after experiencing losing family members, sustaining terrible injuries, distancing from friends and relationship struggles, money issues, even an eating disorder. The CUFA album in my own way is to let people know that they aren’t alone in these trails.

“Waves of depression and confidence, financial instability and love. It all starts with you and we always have to start from zero again a number of times in life, the bottom of that dark silent bed of dust and sediment is where we find our own ways to breathe.”

Punchy new single ‘Out The Blue’ contrasts an open, bubbly sense of energy with some of Che Lingo’s most cutting lyrics to date. A mesh of contradictions, it’s a fascinating document of autobiography from the South London wordsmith.

Music video director Reece Selvadorai adds…

“Teaming up with Che Lingo to create the visual for ‘Out The Blue’ was special, to say the least. He allowed me and the team to explore and express our creativity with this emotionally captivating track using our emotional connection to the lyrics. With the main theme being water helped us form subtle and sharp movements giving Che the motion to express his feelings through underwater movement; we wanted to depict the struggle physically while we allow the audio to connect with the visuals giving the viewers an insight into Che Lingo journey throughout the track. This visual was such a pleasure to work on with Che, opening our eyes to everyone’s personal journeys throughout life.”

Tune in now.


  1. Intro
  2. Jaded
  3. Out The Blue
  4. Consumeriddm
  5. Lowkey
  6. Fighting Giants 
  7. Heart Race feat. WIINSTON 
  8. Very Couture feat. Kojey Radical 
  9. Private Dinners feat. Jordan Mackampa
  10. My Radio feat. Queen, Roger Taylor
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