Charli Adams Shares Catchy New Single ‘na na na song’

There's a hidden Counting Crows reference in there, too...

Charli Adams has shared her new single ‘na na na song’.

The track has its roots in her living room, with the chorus simply popping into her head one day and refusing to leave. This seed grew and grew over time, before Charli sat down in an LA studio to bring it to full fruition.

The Alabama born star delivers a performance of huge colour and vitality, while producer Andy Seltzer takes Charli’s songwriting to the next level. The two work in tandem, for Charli’s first release since her acclaimed debut album ‘Bullseye’.

Out now, ‘na na na song’ is a piledriver, an instantly infectious return from a true pop talent.

Charli Adams comments…

I wrote the chorus of ‘na na na song’ in my living room back in Nashville. The song is about adjusting to the peaceful feeling that comes with a healthy relationship and the realisation that I could live in the good without anticipating the bad around the corner.

I wanted the song to sound as easy as falling in love is when you’re being treated kindly and softly and the song the other person “knows all the words to” is a nod to ‘A Long December’ by Counting Crows.

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Luke Rogers

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