Chandra Relishes Personal Freedom On ‘Smile (No Fox Gibbon)’

"Let’s all let go and smile like there are absolutely no f**ks given..."

Bristol maverick Chandra returns with new single ‘Smile (No Fox Gibbon)’.

The songwriter speaks his mind, wanting to talk about the big topics, the things that truly matter. Shooting from the hip, Chandra is a staunchly independent artist, someone who wants to speak his truth in an unvarnished fashion.

New single ‘Smile (No Fox Gibbon)’ takes him to the next level. A song about embracing moments of quiet embarrassment, it’s about pushing back against society’s expectations, and doing exactly what you enjoy most.

Out now, there’s a punk-like sense of defiance at work here, building to that soaring chorus. Moving on from recent singles like ‘Pretty’ and ‘Lighters To The Sky’, Chandra is taking on the world one song at a time.

He comments…

We all have moments in our day when we unashamedly beam or uncontrollably snigger at something we’ve seen, remembered or heard. If we’re in public then that joyous moment is quickly curbed as the self-conscious part of our brain realises we’re on a bus, in the office, in a queue for a coffee or walking down a street.

I am the worst for it and it’s gone on for so long that I now find the self-tempering of joy is an autonomic reaction. I wrote this song because it’s something I actively want and need to improve on. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we all gave a little bit less of a damn who is watching and really enjoyed those amazing moments in our day? Let’s all let go and smile like there are absolutely no f**ks given.

Tune in now.

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