Chandra Embraces Optimism With ‘I’ll Be There’

It's a rabble-rousing return...

Bristol songwriter Chandra returns with uplifting new single ‘I’ll Be There’.

The musician fronted alt-rock band Circa in his late teens, cutting his teeth onstage in sweaty venues across the country. Turning solo, Chandra impressed last year, with ‘Pretty’ and ‘Smile (No Fox Gibbon)’ making a deep impression.

Now he’s back. New single ‘I’ll Be There’ comes as Spring begins to assert itself, and it’s a dose of optimism. Learning to look for light in dark times, it’s both subtle and striking, pursuing its dogged path to that rousing conclusion.

A work of blossoming maturity, ‘I’ll Be There’ finds Chandra playing to his strengths. He comments…

I used to despair at the fact that nothing I did would make a blind bit of difference against the swirling vortex of war, disease, corruption, political turmoil and environmental disasters. Waking up every day to a backdrop of relentless bad news, feeling helpless to do anything about it, really gets you down. But the truth is we CAN effect a change and it starts right here, at home, with how we treat one another. We can be the ones to turn this all around with simple but widespread acts of love, trust and empathy.

I wrote this song to help everyone realise that you can make small changes to the way you act… simply be there for someone, smile at someone and with every single positive move we dissipate more and more bad feeling. On a grand scale I think that represents the sea change that we all need. And I purposefully filled this song with little musical surprises (some bigger than others) to make everyone smile, snigger and beam while they think about what small thing they can do to make someone happy.

Tune in now.

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