Chad Channing Recalls Nirvana Split

Exclusive: Grunge hero speaks to ClashMusic

Grunge hero Chad Channing has spoken exclusively to ClashMusic about the factors that led to his departure from Nirvana.

Nirvana are one of the defining American rock groups. Achieving an iconic status that has outlasted their brief tenure at the top, the band’s three studio albums are still inspiring young musicians around the globe.

With their debut album ‘Bleach’ reaching a remarkably youthful 20 later this year, Clash Magazine has prepared a stunning salute to the group.

Catching up with original drummer Chad Channing, the Seattle based musician recalled life as an unknown local phenomenon.

Quickly gaining a passionate local following, Nirvana released their debut album ‘Bleach’ to great acclaim. However friction within the group soon mean that Chad Channing left – with the drummer exclusively revealing to ClashMusic the reasons behind his departure.

“I’m a big songwriter, always have been and I was always hoping at some point I’d be involved in the song writing rather than just drum parts” he stated. “At one point Kurt even brought that up saying, ‘I’d like to have some help with songwriting’. Eventually I realised that wasn’t going to happen and so in my mind I was thinking, ‘Well what am I going to do here?’ When you’re playing in a group and you’re dealing with things in your head going back and forth and when something’s bothering someone in a band, eventually it’s gonna show – in their personal inspiration, it will certainly show in their playing if it doesn’t seem like they’re giving it their all anymore.”

“And in some cases it was that way for me. The reality is I didn’t really give them much of a choice but to kick me out of the band. It was a situation that I should have quit out of before I was kicked out of. But it was always just a musical thing and I can’t stress that enough. I never had any issues with the guys themselves, we always remained pretty good friends. I’m still friends with Krist even to this day.”

Nirvana’s expanded version of ‘Bleach’ is out this week (November 2nd).

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