Cats In Paris Lose Member

Exclusive: Band will continue as trio

Manchester electro popsters Cats In Paris have lost a member, after their keyboard player announced she was leaving.

Since forming last year Cats In Paris have gained a devoted following with their unusual style of electro pop. Bordering on the twee, the (one time) four piece were a hit at last year’s festivals, playing gorgeous sets at Green Man and more.

The band started as a joke, with the band members looking to have a bit of fun on their time off. After getting some sterling reviews Cats In Paris started to take themselves a little more seriously, until they actually released their debut album in 2008.

Getting some positive reviews the band took off on tour, but it seems the toil and trouble of touring the UK has exhausted some members of the band.

A statement from Cats In Paris said:

“Sad news! Sara has decided to leave our band after a year and half of service. When we asked her to come on board as chief plinky-plonky-bashy-yelpswoman for our first show we really had no idea that this’d end up being something that would consume so much of our time.”

The group got in touch with ClashMusic to give us an exclusive message to their fans.

“By way of clarification: we won’t be looking for a replacement and will be continuing as a three piece. We’ve got a pretty strong group dynamic centered around brutal honesty and Buffy references that would be pretty hard for an outsider to penetrate, so Mike’s just going to play another keyboard and I’ll be doing some yelping and Lorien will play even louder. It’ll be like Sara never left, save for the feeling of crushing emptiness, grief, despair and death.”

Expect some tour dates soon!

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