Let's keep it on wax shall we?

With so many females in hip-hop bickering and beefing with each other as we begin the new year (i.e. Nicki Minaj vs Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj vs Azealia Banks, Azealia Banks vs Iggy Azalea, Azealia Banks vs Angel Haze, Azelia Banks vs the fashion industry, Azelia Banks vs fake New Yorkers, Azelia Banks vs Perez Hilton - we're damn sure Azelia Banks vs the Zombie Apocalypse is up next) it's pretty hard to forget that the guys don't always get along either. Case in point, Cassidy versus Meek Mill.

Cassidy (he of the once mighty Ruff Ryders, and the R. Kelly assisted 'Come To My Hotel') has been embroiled in a friendly - or bitter, depending which way you look at it - war of words with fellow Philadelphia and MMG rapper Meek Mill (so much for 'The City of Brotherly Love' then).

For those who need a crash course 101 to how this started: Meek stated that he would battle Cassidy or fellow Philly native Murda Mook for $100,000. Naturally Cassidy stepped forward and accepted the challenge and it turned out that Meek wasn't really up for it despite constant reassurance he wasn't scared. Tired of waiting Cassidy sent the first shot with 'Me, Myself and iPhone' a worthy joint that draws first blood, Meek responded with the average 'Repo', a few potent bars here and there with a funny focus on Cassidy's bizarre 'Condom Style' (we suggest you listen to it if you're after some good ‘lols’), which is a questionable take on Psy’s ‘Gangnam Style’ about safe sex. Funny as it was, it was nothing that could hurt Cassidy’s credibility. Meek's problem, as with his debut album, was there was too much unnecessary shouting and straying off topic to talk about his 'lavish' lifestyle. And then Sunday came and Cassidy unleashed a torrent of punch lines and life-scarring bars in the form 'R.A.I.D'. It was literally 10 minutes of Cassidy making Meek Mill his lyrical punching bag. Whilst this has probably damaged what may have been left of Meek’s [*holds laughter*] street credibility the truth is his commercial and mainstream appeal is safe - for now. We're not saying it won't happen (because strange things in hip-hop occur all the time) but its highly unlikely Cassidy will regain commercial or mainstream appeal and to be frank, he's not exactly looking for it.

Round 1: Cassidy - Me, Myself and iPhone

Round 2: Meek Mill - Repo

Round 3: Cassidy - R.A.I.D.

So far it’s fair to say Cassidy is currently winning this battle.

What's interesting about these two rappers is their similarities, as you found out already they're both from Philly, they both gainned their rep in the rap battle scene and are associated with two of hip-hop's most prominent brands. Granted Ruff Ryders may not be the powerhouse it once was but back in it's hey day it boasted artists such as DMX, Eve, Swiss Beatz, Jadakiss and Styles P and MMG has a long way before they can even touch the Ruff Ryders legacy.

In the end it's good for hip-hop because it’s nice to have healthy competition in genre that seems to forget it’s roots from time-to-time. There are too many rappers out there being pals with one another and when there is a dispute everyone’s too quick to deliver a beat down at an award show or chuck champagne bottles at each other and then hide in club’s toilets. As Cassidy pointed out yesterday on Phillpiedhia's Hot 107.9 "I just want everybody to know that this ain't no real street beef like people are trying to create it into. I know the media gets entertained off making it into street beef and things like that but it ain't nothing like that. I don't want people to think it's a street beef or nothing like that. I'm just competitive and I was feeling disrespected lyrically".

Words by Jerry Gadiano


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