Cassandra Jenkins Announces New LP ‘My Light, My Destroyer’

Beautiful new single 'Only One' is out now...

Cassandra Jenkins will release her new album ‘My Light, My Destroyer’ on July 12th.

The songwriter’s opening two records have been pretty special, with 2021 breakout ‘An Overview On Phenomenal Nature’ gaining across the board plaudits. Ironically, Cassandra intended it to be her swansong – but the adoring reaction proved otherwise.

“I was channeling what I knew in that moment– feeling lost,” Jenkins recalls. “When that record came out, and people started to respond to what I had written, my plans to quit were foiled in the most unexpected, heartening, and generous way. Ready or not, it reinvigorated me.”

Gathering a disparate crew of friends and collaborators, work on a follow-up gradually gathered pace. Out on July 12th, ‘My Light, My Destroyer’ features a host of other voices, including Andrew Lappin resuming his role as producer.

The album utilises the skills of Palehound’s El Kempner, Hand Habits’ Meg Duffy, Isaac Eiger (formerly of Strange Ranger), Katie Von Schleicher, Zoë Brecher (Hushpuppy), Daniel McDowell (Amen Dunes), producer and instrumentalist Josh Kaufman (of Jenkins’ An Overview), producer Stephanie Marziano (Hayley Williams, Bartees Strange), and Jenkins’ friend, director/actor/journalist Hailey Benton Gates.

New single ‘Only One’ is out now, the glossy 80s leaning pop putting you in mind of The Blue Nile’s cinematic vignettes. The video was steered by Lydia Fine and Tony Blahd, with Cassandra commenting…

“It’s about a Groundhog Day effect, finding yourself in the same situation over and over again, not knowing how to get out of that loop—and in some sense, an unwillingness to break a cycle because you’re blinded by your circumstances…”

Tune in now.

1. Devotion 
2. Clams Casino
3. Delphinium Blue
4. Shatner’s Theme
5. Aurora, IL
6. Betelgeuse
7. Omakase
8. Music??
9. Petco
10. Attente Téléphonique
11. Tape and Tissue
12. Only One
13. Hayley

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