Sleater-Kinney guitarist prepares memoirs...

A pivotal figure in 90s guitar music, Carrie Brownstein remains an incredibly creative person.

Recently confirming plans to head into the studio with St. Vincent, the guitarist has also been working with Sleater-Kinney on their new album.

As if that wasn’t enough, Carrie Brownstein has also begun piecing together a new book based on the early years of her life and career. Ignoring ‘Portlandia’, it will focus more on her musical output and closes with Sleater-Kinney going on hiatus.

Carrie Brownstein told the NME: “it pretty much ends with Sleater-Kinney going on hiatus, and a little bit of leading on from that. But it doesn't even really go onto ‘Portlandia’."

Probed on why she decided to end the memoir at this point, the guitarist said: "Because it's more about my journey to becoming just a musician and – I mean, I don't consider myself a musician – but becoming a creative person. ‘Portlandia’ just seemed like a whole other, I don't know... It's in there but not in the same detail as like, my childhood or touring or anything like that.”

“Steve Martin has this book called ‘Born Standing Up’ - it's such a great book, and it's like, here it is all the way up to SNL. Or before that, it's just really his circus act.”

Sleater-Kinney will release new album ‘No Cities To Love’ on January 19th.

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Photo Credit: Brigitte Sire

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