"Comfort zone" to blame

Carl Barat has spoken about the reasons behind the splitting up of hit indie stars Dirty Pretty Things.

Formed out of the ashes of The Libertines, Dirty Pretty Things enjoyed massive success with their debut album 'Waterloo To Anywhere'. Early single 'Bang Bang You're Dead' hit the Top Ten and the band seemed destined for stardom.

Yet just a few years later the band split up after the poor reception afforded to their 2008 album 'Romance At Short Notice'. Now preparing to release a solo album and his revealing autobiography 'Threepenny Memoir' Carl Barat is open about the reasons behind the split of his former group.

Speaking to the NME, Carl Barat explained that he realised he was in a "comfort zone" with the indie group. "I found myself in what can only be referred to as a comfort zone" the songwriter said.

"A leather jacket, skinny jeans, bottle of whisky, coke, knowing I could play a few Libertines songs and 'Bang Bang You're Dead' to a dwindling and increasingly disappointed audience. That’s a hard thing to realise."

Continuing, Carl Barat claimed that when he split the band he had no idea what he was going to do. "I broke up the band long before I knew I was going to do the solo album thing" he said.

"Now, moving out of this comfort zone, writing this album, writing this book, has given me some kind of catharsis."

Preparing to release his debut solo album, Carl Barat has recently been making public appearance in support of his memoirs. 'Threepenny Memoir' is an intimate look behind the scenes of iconic British group The Libertines, and includes his disillusion with the progress of Dirty Pretty Things.

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