Cameron And The Slumberknights Share ‘Summer Rains’

A reflective jammer from the UK crew...

Cameron And The Slumberknights have shared their new song ‘Summer Rains’.

The project is spearheaded by the titular Cam and some of his closest friends, sharing ideas that spring from their innermost emotions. Recent single ‘I Held You So Close’ presented a sparkling soundscape, wit the collective at their most pop-oriented and energetic.

By way contrast, the digital B-side ‘Summer Rains’ dips into memories lost, allowing itself to be driven forwards by a sense of nostalgia. More muted in tone than its predecessor, the song recalls Mac Miller’s work on ‘Circles’, a kind of introspective pop format fuelled by aspects of hip-hop.

The electric piano has a soulful appeal, reminiscent of Herbie Hancock, while the guitar line snaps into gear with urgent alacrity. Lyrically, it finds Cam in firm throw-back mode, gazing over some past times and wondering ‘what if…?’

It’s something many young people are experiencing right now – that post-student lull, with the real world intruding upon dearly held dreams. Pushing back, Cameron And The Slumberknights are ready to be inspired.

Cam explains…

I wanted to write a song that would reflect the way I felt as a nostalgic 20-something, as if time was slipping away post-graduation, owing to the pandemic (and Brexit, probably). I’m indescribably proud to say I think we pulled it off. I hope the song is able to remind you of playing out as much as it does for me; Summer Rains isn’t meant to be melancholy, but bittersweet instead.

Tune in now.

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