Callum Beattie Shares New Piano EP

Tune in now...

Scottish songwriter Callum Beattie has shared a new piano based EP.

The musician seems able to speak to his audience in language they understand, emboldening a uniquely personal form of conversation. His second EP ‘Vandals’ is due to land on February 24th, with Callum Beattie writing another chapter in his story.

“I grew up in a post Thatcher Britain, in a fairly rough part of Scotland, raised by my dad, and experienced the poverty and roughness of those times first hand,” says Callum. “Culturally, it was a very specific period in history, where you could almost feel the class divide on the local streets. I feel strongly that we are moving towards a culturally similar period in history.”

Songwriting that speaks of working class life and identities, his new piano EP collects some intimate, performance-based recordings of fan favourites. Featuring ‘Dancing With Wolves’ and ‘Mammy’, the triptych is rounded out by previously unreleased song ‘Home Free’.

At times introverted, at others melancholic, Callum Beattie’s work is forever shot through with hope, with a desire to communicate. “That’s what music is” Callum explains. “It’s about making somebody feel better about their life”.

Tune in now.

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