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Cabaret Voltaire have decided to remix their soundtrack for the cult British film 'Johnny YesNo'.

A truly seminal act, the Cabaret Voltaire back catalogue can be a difficult beast to navigate. Packed to the brim with offcuts, side projects and more very little the band recorded can be regarded as inessential.

In the case of 'Johnny YesNo' one side project provided some of the most inspirational music of their career. Cabaret Voltaire volunteered to record the soundtrack for the film which came at an important juncture in the duo's career.

Always much more than a band, Cabaret Voltaire formed a video label - Double Vision - for the release of the 1982 film 'Johnny YesNo'. Shot in Sheffield, it was directed by Peter Care and gained much appreciation on the independent film circuit.

Later in life Peter Care would work with Bruce Springsteen and R.E.M. before directing an episode of 'Six Feet Under'. Now the director is set to return to the film which initially made his reputation.

Remaining a cult classic, Peter Care has pieced together a new, longer version based on the original footage. 'Johnny YesNo - Redux' will be accompanied by a carefully remixed soundtrack courtesy of Cabaret Voltaire.

The box set edition of 'Johnny YesNo' is due to be released on November 14th and contains a new re-imagining of the film plus 140 minutes of bonus material and 2 CDs including exclusive Cabaret Voltaire tracks and new Cabaret Voltaire mixes for the film by Richard H. Kirk.

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