Cherry Red prepare 2-CD set...

Legendary indie compilation C86 is set to be expanded for a full re-issue next year.

Funny how these things change. Back in 1986, NME decided to issue a compilation bringing together the noisier, shambling end of the indie sphere - bands denied airplay by all but the most adventurous of DJs.

Almost instantly the backlash began. Dismissed by some as backwards, defeatist and amateurish, 'C86' was almost akin to an insult in some quarters.

Yet the past decade has witnessed a sea-change in critical opinion. A defining moment of 80s indie pop, 'C86' has now become a barometer of cool and will now receive an expansive re-issue.

Cherry Red will spread the material across two discs, with the new edition being compiled and annotated by one of its original curators, former NME journalist Neil Taylor.

Due for release early next year, there's no word on tracklisting yet although a Facebook page for the compilation has been set live.

(via Slicing Up Eyeballs)

Here's 'Velocity Girl'.

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