...and you could get involved

French turntablists C2C are inviting fans to get involved in a new remix competition.

If turntablism is indeed a dying art, then C2C have no intentions of going down without a fight. Four dextrous French producers with a knack for manipulating decks, C2C applied a near legendary level of discipline to their routines.

Winning the DMC World Championships a remarkable four times in a row, the group then decided to branch out and make music of their own. Recruiting some all star vocalists - Olivier Daysoul, Gush and Pigeon John to name but a few - the four piece constructed their debut album across the space of last year.

The results are gathered on 'Tetra', which was given a full British release last month. Now C2C have launched a new remix competition - and you can get involved.

Making the stems for album cut 'Happy' available to download, the group are inviting new producers to remix their work. After being uploaded to a private SoundCloud group, fans can then vote for their favourite.

A shortlist of ten will be drawn up, before C2C step in and nominate their five preferred re-workings.

Prizes are as follows:

1/ Remix will appear on a special edition LP (vinyl) for Happy, along with the original track + C2C’s network share & push + 500€ gift certificate at Woodbrass (music gear store)
2/ One Numark deck TTXUSB, with a customized tray signed by the band
3/ 500€ gift certificate at Woodbrass (music gear store)
4/ One DNU MIXARCK controller + Sennheiser headset
5/ TETRA LP + Down The Road LP signed by the band + TETRA CD

For full information click HERE.

Here's 'Happy'.


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