C Duncan Announces New Album ‘The Midnight Sun’

Inspired by The Twilight Zone...

C Duncan has announced plans for new album 'The Midnight Sun'.

The Glasgow-based artist has swiftly compiled a follow up to his Mercury-nominated debut 'Architect', and it's billed as a slightly more expansive return.

'The Midnight Sun' was inspired by cult television series The Twilight Zone, with C Duncan explaining: “I knew I wanted the album to have more of a theme/thread throughout it which ‘Architect’ didn’t have. I have always had a bit of an obsession with The Twilight Zone (the original 1960s series) – the strange stories, the often brooding atmosphere, and the stylised aesthetic. No matter how different the stories in each episode are there's a strong atmosphere and look to each episode which ties the all the episodes together. Although the songs themselves, I wanted to capture the atmosphere and create something that is almost an anthology series styled album, in which all the tracks tie together stylistically without being one big conceptual record.”

Once again crafting the record in his Glasgow flat, the long Scottish summers prompted a psychological re-shuffle. “The Midnight Sun is one of my favourite [Twilight Zone] episodes. It embodies the style of Twilight Zone perfectly, which is often claustrophobic, mysterious and unnerving. The Midnight Sun is also a real natural phenomenon, occurring in the Arctic Circle during summer, preventing the nights from ever being fully dark. Although not as extreme in Glasgow, during summer we often only get three or four hours between dusk and dawn. This has always had a profound effect on me mentally during these months, being more of a night owl myself, as it completely messes with my internal clock and confuses me year after year.”

New cut 'Wanted To Want It Too' is online now – gorgeous, synth-speckled fare, you can tune in below.

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